Best New Releases: Dec. 2 2017

god first

U2 – Songs of Experience

U2 just sucks.  The Edge sucks, Bono sucks, they all just suck.  So when I got the notification that another U2 LP released, I can’t say I had any feeling at all.  Indifference I guess. There was some morose questioning:  Why had they decided to release a companion piece to one of the most hated albums of all time?  What possible artistic value could it hold?  Why was this happening at all?  Is U2 starting to sound more like Coldplay or is Coldplay starting to sound more like U2?   So many questions, so few answers.  Despite my passive hatred for post 1990 U2, I dutifully slogged through Songs of Experience.  And I can’t remember a thing about it.

Mr Jukes – From Golden Stars Comes Silver Dew

The track From Golden Stars Comes Silver Dew was reissued as a single from the album God First. Featuring Barney Artists short rap section in the bridge, the track has displays an improvement in the Mr Jukes overall  sound, bringing it back to some funky old school hip-hop. Definitely a solid improvement!

Kaidi Tatham – Hard Times

From Changing Times to Hard Times, Kaidi Tatham has released this follow up album, blessing us with 4 new funky tracks. I think we can all agree that December is a hard time for all of us, so what else can we do but dance the stress away?


Other Notable Releases:

Miguel – War & Leisure

cybersex – blackbear

Nicholas Krgovich – In an Open Field

First Aid Kit – Fireworks

Roy Woods – Say Less

Nabihah Iqbal – Weighing of the heart

Indigo Palace – Ego

El Perro Del Mar – Fight for Life

Glassjaw – Material Control

Chief Keef – dedication