Gaga fans, prepare yourselves….

By Zisheng Hong

This past Sunday was quite the roller-coaster for football fans. But, for all the Gaga fans out there who just tuned in for the halftime show (and jumped outta your seats when she caught that slant pass like a champ–move aside Tom Brady!) you’d be even more thrilled to hear that she’s just announced her Joanne World Tour. And guess what? One of her stops is none other than Montreal!! (Is it Christmas already?) The Montreal show is slated for Centre Bell on September 4th, right after school starts, aka the perfect time of the year. No midterms to stop your dreams from coming true! Fan pre-sale is available now (follow that link people!)

Evenko’s official sale opens on February 13th.

But wait, the surprises don’t end there: earlier this week, Lady Gaga released the much anticipated music video for her latest hit song, John Wayne. It was also announced that she will be producing her own line of wine (honestly is there anything this woman can’t do)? So, soon we’ll be able to drink while jamming out to her sweet hits.

Meanwhile, let’s get pumped and bedazzled one more time with Gaga’s Super Bowl performance: Praise Gaga, and party on lil monsters!