New Music Monday 10/28/19

Cheap Queen (Album) by King Princess

King Princess’ highly anticipated album Cheap Queen, features emotional bedroom pop ballads discussing navigation of sexual and romantic experiences as a queer woman and commentary on her experiences within the music industry. For an upbeat lovecore anthem: “Hit the Back.” In your feelings?: “Tough on Myself.”

Suspended Animation (EP) by Babeheaven

Babeheaven’s EP Suspended Animation is a smooth electronic soul experience. With the haunting vocals we’ve come to know and love, the EP focuses on introspection and failed relationships. If you wanna be sad but in a cool way, this is the EP for you.

Natural Affair (Album) by The Growlers

A continuation of the Californian grungy genre, this album encapsulates The Growlers’ overdone yet still enjoyable sound. Beachy garage-pop with emotionally charged lyrics relating nostalgic otherness and romantic escapism, as perfectly illustrated in “Pulp of You.”

Nicole Kidman/Anne Hathaway (Album) by Hana Vu

With vocals reminiscent of Mitski, Hana Vu’s sophomore album features an Emo Bedroom Pop energy that directs itself into the frustration and emotional distress Hana articulates perfectly in “Order” and “Outside.”

Written by Emma Harris