New Music Monday 2/10/20


Everything Else Has Gone Wrong – Bombay Bicycle Club

After a six-year-long hiatus, London-based band Bombay Bicycle Club has returned with their fourth studio album, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, an upbeat, indie/alternative record that despite its doubtful title, explores themes of optimism and how one can find hope in the darkest of places. 

Some instant hits off the album include ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)’, an upbeat, love confessional with an irresistibly good bass line that explores the juvenile, foolish feelings of eagerly falling in love with lyrics like “awkward hearts beating faster and faster”. Other memorable songs from the album include ‘Is It Real’, ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’, and ‘I Can Hardly Speak’’. 

Bombay Bicycle Club pairs quirky electronic sounds with alternative rock music, topped off with Jack Steadman’s soft, but haunting vocals that gives this band a timeless, familiar feel. If you haven’t heard any of Bombay Bicycle Club’s previous music, and you enjoy the unique sound of their new album, I would highly recommend their previous albums ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ and ‘A Different Kind of Fix’.

Upcoming Album

Kid Krow – Conan Gray

This upcoming album from one of my favourite newer artists, Conan Gray, features some solid alternative/pop, otherwise known as ‘bedroom pop’ tracks that are reminiscent of 90’s pop hits. The album, Kid Krow, is set to be released later next month, but four singles have been released so far: 

‘Comfort Crowd’ is a breathy, slow paced track about how Gray’s loneliness is slowly killing him, and ‘The Story’ is equally as personal. In contrast, ‘Checkmate’ is a fast-paced, ‘grungy’ single about the frustrations of having an indecisive, flirty crush who leaves you feeling like you are playing a game: “Cause I’ve gotten tired of the games that you play…’Cause you may think you’re winning, but checkmate”.

My favourite song from this album so far is undoubtedly ‘Maniac’, a heart-pumping pop banger about a stubborn, obsessive ex-lover who claims Gray is the ‘Maniac’, when in reality it is quite the opposite: “Tell all of your friends that I’m crazy and drive you mad…That I’m such a stalked, a watcher, a psychopath”.

I would definitely check out this up and coming artist and his last EP ‘Sunset Season’ before the release of his new album, Kid Krow (Coming March 20).


Low Season – Poolside

For some chill, ambient, and even slightly funky beats, Poolside’s new album Low Season hits the spot. This electronic album is perfect ‘easy-to-listen-to’ music for unwinding, studying, or when walking about. Although the album is fairly short, each song has its own unique, relaxing and groovy 80’s vibe with a modern, electronic twist. 

My personal favourites from the album include ‘Abandoned Tunnel’ with its sly-sounding saxophone that makes you feel like you’re in a dream. ‘Around the Sun’ is a soft, but energetic track with an easily identifiable 80’s feel. For a more spacey sound, check out ‘Low Season’ or ‘Kinda Lovely’. Although this album is short and simple, it is definitely sweet.


Texas Sun – Khruangbin & Leon Bridges

This new indie rock EP from alternative band Khrubangbin, with soul singer Leon Bridges, is an interesting collaboration of two different, yet complimentary musical genres. This EP is surely on the slower, more relaxed side, where Bridges’ slightly raspy and charming voice takes center stage with subded, nifty instrumental accompaniment from Khruangbin. 

Out of the four tracks on the EP, my favourite song is ‘Midnight’, a slow, sensual love song that reminds you of a classic, 50’s soul song with hints of smooth 70’s rock. This is a very cool and suave sounding collaboration from two great artists that is worth listening to!

Written by Aiden Iles