New Music Monday 2/24/20

Young Nudy- Anyways

After dropping one of the best tapes of 2019, Sli’merre, Atlanta rapper Young Nudy is back with another tape, Anyways. Since the release of 2016’s Slimeball Nudy has been one of the most prolific and consistent rappers in the game with 8 top notch mixtapes under his belt at this point. Anyways features Nudy rapping with his signature off the wall flow over some extremely smooth beats. It is both completely in its own lane while still sounding unmistakably Atlanta.

Best Tracks: GTA Lyfestyle, Deeper Than Rap, Cap Dem, Fuck Me Mean, Anyways

Calboy- Long Live the Kings EP

After blowing up with his smash hit “Envy Me,” Chicago crooner Calboy is proving that he is more than a one hit wonder. Calboy is in a lane that is massively oversaturated and competitive, with superstars like Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby and A Boogie all seeing massive success in this style of trap. On this EP Calboy shows that his sound is infectious and unique, putting more aggression and his own take on melodies in comparison to his peers. It’s a short, concise release filled with some top notch bangers. The highlight of this tape is the JetsonMade produced “Wild Wild,” featuring Calboy creating an ear worm track over an absolutely banging beat.

Best Tracks: Wild Wild, Gazel de Blanco, Givenchy Kickin

Chief Keef- Shawty Say She Love Me/Colors and Lamb Pass By

Chief Keef looks like he’s gearing up for something big with the release of some of his best singles in years. “Shawty Say She Love Me/Colors,” is a double single with two bangers produced by Zaytoven. Chief Keef is at his most eccentric on these two with a wildly animated delivery and some hilariously weird one liners. At one point he even compares the color of his Maybach to his dog’s balls. “Lamb Pass By,” is a lowkey banger produced by Keef himself and features him using a subdued flow over a sample heavy instrumental. These are some great tracks and it looks like he’s got quite a few more in store for the coming weeks.

Torey Lanez- Broke in a Minute

Torey Lanez’s new single is an absolutely explosive banger. Torery goes in over a hard hitting beat featuring a great sax sample spiralling over trunk knocking production.