On the Radar: Men I Trust

Montreal-founded band Men I Trust have thoroughly established themselves in the alternative music scene, not only within Canadian spheres, but on the international stage. With over a million followers on Spotify, the group has made waves with their dreamy, lilting bedroom-pop vocals and lofi electronic instrumentals. After releasing their first EP in 2014, the group has made a space for themselves that draws inspiration from their Quebec origins, even incorporating shots of the Canadian landscape and Montreal aesthetic into their band image and music videos.  Over the past six years, Men I Trust have developed their sound and evolved without compromising their authenticity. Their newest Album, Oncle Jazz, retains all the magic of their earlier work with the option to hear album versions and reworked spins on some of their popular tracks.  Each of their songs creates a different atmosphere, ranging from an ethereal, floating feeling to colorful, trancelike synth beats that are perfect to sway and dance to.  I would recommend checking out ‘I Hope to Be Around (Album V)’ and ‘Seven.’ On March 25 the band is returning to Montreal to a sold out show at L’Astral.  

Written by Madalena Roeber