By: Eva Lynch

Need a way to spend Spring Break in Montreal? Counterpoint’s got you covered! We’ve made the perfect week’s plan for you, all based on Spotify’s Daylists.

Like many of us, my friends and I have been obsessed with our Daylists. Our group chat is filled with screenshots of the oddest titles of the day, and daily vibe check-ins, so I thought it might be fun to compile them together and see what a full week of daylists might look like and suggest for this coming week! Enjoy the week off with some new tunes and hopefully some new activities in the city. If it’s not your type of music, we encourage you to use your own Daylist as a guide or suggestion of what to do with your day, and share it with us!


Art Rock Strange Morning 

Listen to smooth and angelic in the morning 

  1. All I wanna do – The Beach Boys
  2. Birthday – The Sugarcubes
  3. Surender (’88 version) – Suicide

Take advantage of Montreal’s ‘first Sunday of the month’ free museum day and go check out one of their many exhibits. The Musée des Beaux Arts just launched their show on modern giants Georgia O’Keeffe and Henry Moore, and it’s the last week to see Musée d’Art Contemporain’s show Velvet Terrorism, about the feminist punk art collective Pussy Riot and member Maria Alyokhina’s acts of resistance since 2011 through the group’s work, personal photos and archives.


Charming 80s Alternative Monday Morning 

Listen to dark wave and alternative on Monday morning 

  1. Wave of Mutilation – Pixies
  2. Teen Age Riot – Sonic Youth 
  3. Jumping Someone Else’s Train – The Cure
  4. What Difference Does It Make – The Smiths

Take advantage of the first day of your week off and take a walk in Montreal’s Mile End. Take a friend, get coffee from one of the many soccer cafes, and spot how many tiny beanies you can see. 


Easygoing Coastal Cowgirl Tuesday night 

Listen to soft and acoustic on Tuesday night. 

  1. Eugene – Arlo parks
  2. Someday – Julia Jacklin
  3. Guilty – Lady Wray 
  4. Dusk – Alice Phoebe Lou 

Invite friends over for dinner and have a cute catch up, then head over to Spaghetti Western for some line dancing. If you don’t mind getting your toes a little trampled for a free night of fun, lean into the cowboy vibes and head over to Spaghetti Western Bar up in Little Italy for a taste of kitschy Americana, in your best ‘cowgirl’ getup. 

Mystical Library Tuesday late night 

Listen to cosmic and alternative on Tuesday late night.

  1. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) – Florence + The Machine
  2. Buzzcut Season – Lorde
  3. Jonathan – Adrianne Lenker, Buck Meek
  4. Blush – Wolf Alice

If dancing isn’t for you, and you’re stuck finishing up those last midterms and projects for your break, time to hit the library and turn up the tunes to get those final assignments out of the way and be able to enjoy a few days of peace!  


Energy clean girl Wednesday afternoon 

You listen to strut and catwalk on Wednesday afternoon 

  1. I Wish Courses – Kali Uchis 
  2. Oh My Love – FKA Twigs
  3. Pop Star – Coco and Clair Clair

Time to deep clean every crevice of your apartment and feel like a new person. With midterms, it’s easy to let things get out of hand, so time to put on a high-energy playlist and do a full refresh to reset your apartment.

Concept Album Mysterious Wednesday Afternoon 

Listen to anger and rage on Wednesday afternoon.

  1. Night Shift – Lucy Dacus
  2. Paper Bag – Fiona Apple
  3. American Teenager – Ethel Cain
  4. Your Best American Girl – Mitski 

Leaning into the anger and rage vibes, take the chance to transform that anger into something productive. Whether your catharsis comes from writing a full letter to someone, then sending (or burning) it to let go of the energy, or inviting some friends over to do some crafting about how you’re feeling, keep things mysterious and opaque. Maybe even write your own concept album. Lean into the process and use the break to work through and let go of things holding you back. 


Doof doof roller skating Thursday afternoon

You listen to catwalk and dance pop on Thursday afternoon.

  1. Siesta Freestyle – Lewis OfMan, Alicia te Quiero 
  2. BOMBAY – Girl Ultra 
  3. No Hay Left – Kali Uchis 
  4. Feels RIght – Biig Piig

The title says it all; the sun is finally out and it’s time to get outside. Either by picking up a new hobby or revisiting an old one after a long and gray winter, this is your chance! Our suggestion is to find a nice smooth bike path by the Lachine Canal, take a friend, and get roller skating. You can take it all the way to St Henri and stop in at the Atwater Market for a snack or little baked good, and sit at a bench by the water looking over to Point St. Charles and watch as people try to paddle around in their swan-peddle boats.

Dylanesque Tambourine Thursday night 

Listen to vocalist and songwriter on Thursday Night

  1. Up to Me – Bob Dylan
  2. Ballerina – Van Morrison 
  3. School days – Loudon Wainwright III

See if anything is on at Barfly or Ursa, this is the perfect night to go see a cozy singer/songwriter show.  Check out local venues or wander the street and see if you hear anyone playing and wander in. 


Dance Floor Italo Disco Friday Morning 

Listen to groovy and club on Friday Morning

  1. Allerta Meteo – The Funkin’ Machine
  2. Lunedi Cinema – Martedi Mix – Bottin, Lucio Dalla, Martedi
  3. My Way – Groove Assassin 

Friday is for dancing! In your apartment, in the street, at the bar; anywhere you can. 

While not disco, it could be a perfect day to drop into a dance class, so drop in for a swing class at Cat’s Corner, or sign up to learn whacking at Urban-Element Zone. In whatever capacity you feel like it, just get out there and dance. 


Romanticized hot chocolate Saturday afternoon

Listen to appreciation and collaboration on Saturday afternoon.

  1. North – Clairo 
  2. Better Distraction – Faye Webster 
  3. Hide and Seek – Etta Marcus
  4. Sea of Love – Cat Power

Romanticize your afternoon in the city, go getting yourself a little pick-me-up or sweet treat. If you want to try something new, check out one of my favourite cafes for a drink or quick bite: Get a croissant from Hof Kelsten or Café St. Louis, or a hot chocolate from Le Depanneur Café in the Mile End, where there is often someone playing light music at the piano or seated on a stool with their guitar or another string instrument; serenading the crowd, which buzzes as people read, chat, and quietly play chess. 

Doo-Wop Trumpet Afternoon

Listen to soft and warm in the afternoon.

  1. Tell It Like It Is – Bettye Swan
  2. You Don’t Miss Your Water – Otis Redding
  3. Just One Look – Doris Troy
  4. Anything To Say You’re Mine – Etta James

Take the rest of the afternoon to unplug, grab a book, turn on this playlist and put your phone on do not disturb, then go settle in on a sunny bench somewhere or a cozy corner in your apartment and dive in. Enjoy having the time to get lost in something not related to school and re-energize yourself with some rhythmic doo-wop.


Yearning breakdown Sunday afternoon 

Listen to breakdance and relatable on Sunday afternoon.

  1. What Are We Gonna Do Now – Indigo de Souza
  2. No Face – Haley Heynderickx
  3. Two Slow Dancers – Mitski 
  4. The Gold – Manchester Orchestra, Phoebe Bridgers

Inevitably question what you’ve spent your break doing and how it came and went so fast, and if you spent your week thinking of anyone in particular and counting down the days to see them again after a long week, this is your moment to text them and let them know. Maybe make plans for the following day or two and channel all the yearning into taking a risk and doing something about it. 

Warm Fuzzy Feeling Laurel Canyon Sunday night 

Listen to slow jazz and jangle on Sunday night. 

  1. Hold on – John Lennon
  2. I’d have you anytime – George Harrison 
  3. Who loves the son – The Velvet Underground 
  4. Swinigin Party – The Replacements

Get ready for the oncoming week with a self-care night. Lean into the laid-back, fuzzy feeling and slow things down to get a goodnight sleep before going back into the regular routine of school for the final push before finals.