Best New Releases: 11/12-11/17


Charlotte Day Wilson – Doubt

While listening to this track, we can hear that Day Wilson obviously values the importance of creating a whole, cohesive sound with the vocals and the band. The funky feeling is created by the slow, pulling bass line and the 90’s inspired beats, reminiscent particularly of TLC’s opus, Waterfalls. Day powerfully finishes with strong drums and gospel-esque vocal harmonies. Her silky smooth voice is mesmerizing, definitely worth a listen!

Tame Impala – Currents B-sides

To be honest this EP has been over-hyped.  The whole idea of releasing tracks produced during an album that are released afterwards has worked in the past, but it doesn’t here. Although there are good aspects to the songs, they lack the credibility to stand as an individual EP due to the simple fact that they’re not all that great. The tracks seem like they were cast aside for a very good reason. Unfortunately, it seems that the $100 upcoming collector’s edition was produced to be one thing: a cash grab.

6lack – Free 6lack (additions to album)

These additions to 6lacks 2016 LP free6lack are in my late night playlist and they should be in yours too.  The three tunes are smooth, solid examples of R&B’s current direction of throwback jams with modern sensibilities.

Hiroshi Yoshimura –  Music for Nine Postcards  (1982 Reissue)

A beautiful, meditative album from ambient Japanese pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura was reissued today, and it is worth the listen.  The minimal instrumentation is made extremely moving by his genius, subtle manipulations of sounds.  It’s a good time to get into Yoshimura because this is not going to be the last reissue.  Yoshimura has a goldmine of stuff waiting to be released in western markets.  If you aren’t interested in ambient music, this will still serve as excellent case study.


Talib Kweli – Radio Silence


OCS – Memory of a Cut off Head


Low Island – I Know You (Single)


Björk – Blissing Me


Charlotte Gainsbourg – Rest (LP)


Emancipator – Baralku


Jaden Smith – SYRE


Tove Lo – BLUE LIPS (lady wood phase II)


T-Pain – Oblivion


Noel Gallagher – It’s A Beautiful World


Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter


Baths – Romaplasm (connected to Björk)