Counterpoint Best Releases – Feb 3.

lomelda audiotree

Lomelda – Lomelda on Audiotree Live

Last year I went to, undoubtedly, the most hipster concert I’d ever seen.  Pinegrove at Bar le Ritz.  While I stood in a maximum capacity crowd of denim, horn rims and craft beer, the woman I was standing next to suddenly turned and crawled onto the stage.  She was the physical embodiment of shyness.  It was like she was hiding under the size of everything she had around her.  The massive Levi’s jacket, her glasses whose frame was doubly as wide as her head, her toque, and her guitar looked like a thundercat bass in her childlike hands.  She climbed up onto a stool, mumbled a hello to the crowd, pushed her glasses up her nose, and began to sing.  The command that her voice had over the room was paradoxical.  As she nonchalantly belted out Interstate Vision, the first song from last years Thx, she still looked just as shy, looking down at her guitar, only occasionally glancing up around the room.  Yet no one dared move, she had frozen every single person’s attention on her. This new album, a collection of songs performed for Audiotree, doesn’t match the presence she had on stage that night, but it captures enough to merit the listen.  Don’t miss her the next time she’s in town.

Rhye – Blood (Album)

Incredibly chill, sensual, beautiful! It’s been a rough day and I was honestly not looking forward to this weeks music BUT Rhye’s new album Blood was exactly what I needed to hear. Spend Sunday afternoon listening to this calm blend of sexy beats and smooth vocals to avoid the anxiety.

Montero – Performer (Album)

Evenings – Idealism (Single)

Rich Brian – Amen (Album)

Anna Burch – Quit the Curse (Album)

Snoop Dogg – Blessed & Highly Favoured (Remix)

The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar – Pray for me (single)

‘For That Time You’re Going To Have To Impromto DJ Some Fogeys Black Tie’

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to a new feature of the Counterpoint weekly update.  Your very own, personalized, custom playlist.  The playlists will be designed for broad purposes as well as extremely niche ones.  This weeks is about as niche as it gets.  I call it: For That Time You’re Going To Have To Impromto DJ Some Fogeys Black Tie.  I believe the playlist is faithful to the title and will provide a solid jumping off point for you when this inevitable event comes up for you.


— Ellen Ban Spaak and James Ford