New Music Monday 11/25/19

Ice Cream Party- Modest Mouse

Marking their third single this year, Modest Mouse delivers another slow burner with “Ice Cream Party.” In what has over the years become their signature meandering, gritty sound, the band invites the listener, “There’s an ice cream party at my house / ice cream party at my house / please come over.” As they have done successfully many times before (see: Dramamine, Bukowski, The Cold Part), Modest Mouse is offering both an enjoyable song and a direct trip to uncanny valley. Lead singer Isaac Brock’s flat and unemotive tone combined with the nonchalant drums mask the song’s eerie message. Once the song is over you’ll find yourself thinking, “Hold on a second, did I hear that right?” before clicking replay once again.

I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This – Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

You may know Jeff Goldblum from his decades-long acting career – from Jurassic Park to The Fly– but in the last few years he’s been bringing his quirky, jovial attitude to the world of music. Just over a year ago, at age 66, Goldblum released his first album, The Capital Studios Sessions. Now he’s back with I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This, a delightful and warm record that is the sonic equivalent of your favourite old, scratchy holiday sweater. This vocal jazzy album is the perfect accoutrement to your night in with a warm beverage, watching the snow fall outside.

Tokyo Drifting – Glass Animals & Denzel Curry

In their new collaboration with Denzel Curry, Glass Animals brings a badass sound to add to your pregame playlists. Ideally this is a song to play when you strut into a crowded room, but it just might work as a pump-up jam before you CRUSH that study session.

It Just Doesn’t Happen – Destroyer 

With a hazy electronic backbeat and vivid lyrical imagery, Canadian artist Destroyer’s new two track single It Just Doesn’t Happen melts together all the feelings of youthful summers spent with those you love. This is a happy, feel good track that will make you /almost/ remember those warm days of August.

Written by Madeline Morris