On the Radar: M24 & Stickz

Over the past year or so, the UK rap scene has started to move away from its aggressive, street oriented sound that first put the new UK wave on the map. Most artists are opting for an afro-trap or more american influenced sound with a less dark and violent sound. Though this might be the overarching trend, M24 and Stickz are sticking to the scene’s drill roots and doing big numbers. The two came up as a kind of duo, but also have big songs of their own. They deliver absolutely cutthroat bars over dark hard hitting drill production that any fan of the genre is sure to appreciate. They are making very classic drill bangers in a scene where these are less in demand. Despite this people are listening, and if you check out a couple of their songs you will see why. They always come with a catchy hook that will stick in your head and the verses are always hard as hell. As a duo they have bangers like “We Don’t Dance,” and “Luke Cage.” As solo artists make sure to check out M24’s “Ay Caramba,” and Stickz’s “Amnesia,” possibly the best song either of them have released. 

Written by Alex McKillop