New Music Monday 2/15/21

By: Emma Harris

Elastic EP – Prado, ZDMT

Nothing turns my living room into a music video like the newly released Elastic EP, featuring single “Elastic,” “Mean Boy,” and various remixes on those two absolute bangers. Vancouver-based artists Prado and ZDMT have created the ultimate feel-good club EP to be enjoyed in quarantine… at least until our provincial health ministers finally let us loose. Prado has been continually putting out hits since her 2020 releases of singles “STEPHEN,” “DRIP,” and “Men In Black,” and I can’t wait to see what she drops next. The music video for “ELASTIC” featuring amazing dancing and mega y2k MTV energy is also very worth checking out.

Someone Else – Deb Never

The newest single by Deb Never is kinda perfect to be talking about post-Valentines day. I’ve had this track has been on repeat for the past week; a bit of a guilty pleasure for me as I could also definitely see “Someone Else” being played on a show like Euphoria or another edgy HBO drama. However, this new single feels like a turning point for Deb Never and a very fresh start to 2021. On the lookout for an EP or debut album to follow.

Big Bang & Rabbit Hole – Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr is what 10th grade sounded like to me, and I was pleasantly surprised at how these new releases have developed their sound. Clearly gearing up for a new album or EP, the group has launched “Big Bang” and “Rabbit Hole” over the course of a month to showcase their new “early aught” influence (Rollingstone, February 10, 2021). I won’t say I’m overwhelmed but I did listen to Rabbit Hole enough over the break that I can say I will happily listen to the full album when it is released. I will also hope to continue to hear the subtle traces of my personal favorites “Teenage Girl” and “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” in their new sound.

Song for You – Quarters for Change

An oldie but a goodie in terms of New Music Mondays, Quarters for Changes’ “Song For You” off their self-titled album is handpicked by Counterpoint Co-Editor in Chief Alex McKillop as a must-listen this week. Kicking back to this track reminds you of a simpler time when you could actually sit in a coffee shop in Montreal; mask-free and heartbroken over your oat-milk latte. I can say I was surprised at the switch-up three-quarters of the way through this track where a riff and more aggressive beat sneaks in and changes up the vibe for the remainder of the song. Snaps to Quarters for Change!