New Music Monday 2/17/20


The Slow Rush – Tame Impala

Over the weekend, Kevin Parker finally released his much-awaited album. His psychedelic style has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, and this album stays true to his classic hypnotic sound. This album ruminates quite a bit on the passage of time, talking about some of Parker’s personal experiences. While all the songs on the album are definitely worth giving a listen to, “Lost in Yesterday,” and it’s powerful messages about nostalgia is sure to become a fan favourite. The first released single off of the album, “Borderline”, with its mesmerizing beats and self-reflective lyrics, is also a highlight. Whether or not you’re already a Tame Impala fan, this album is definitely worth checking out. Kevin Parker’s soft vocals and experimental beats are at their finest on this album.


Watching You – Robinson

Made up of only four songs, this EP still manages to capture the tender emotions of heartbreak in a powerful way. Robinson has been on the map since the release of her hugely successful “Nothing To Regret,” and has since gained a substantial following. Robinson’s EP is full of melancholy in its purest form. Just the song titles (“I Tried”, “Lie to Me”, “Don’t Say”, and “Watching You”) are enough to tell you just how somber the vibe of the EP as a whole is. She sings about the crushing weight of watching the person you love be with someone else, and sums up this pain in just 13 minutes of dreamy electro-pop songs. Robinson is someone who should be on your radar for her emotionally expressive songs and meditative beats.


Honeymoon – Beach Bunny

Chicago-Based indie-pop band Beach Bunny have finally released their first full-length album. They’ve released a number of EP’s and singles throughout the years, and it seems as though Lili Trifilio, the groups singer and songwriter, is really excelling at her craft with this album as she dives into her emotional experiences.

No two songs on this album are alike, from the heartbreaking lyrics and slow, ballad-style of “Racetrack,” to the upbeat anthem “Ms. California”, the album will have you cycling through a range of emotions.

They’ve quickly become one of my favourite bands to listen to, especially due to the immense talent of LiLi Trifilio as both a vocalist and songwriter for the group. Trifilio speaks to experiences very relevant to the younger generation in questioning one’s self-worth and has secured a loyal fan base for her crushing honesty. 

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