On the Radar: Sleigher

Brought to my attention by Victoria, B.C. local, Kate Addison, Sleigher are a West Coast-Space Geek-Emo group that focuses on experimental sound mixing and the familiar graininess of that one guy’s garage band that you watched practice a couple of times and hey! They’re good! The space motifs in both their albums, Worldwide (2017) and Galactic (2018) turn each track into both a call out to whoever has wronged the writer and a love letter to N.A.S.A. In my opinion, the best parts are the sax solos, which are featured heavily in one of their best songs The Void. You don’t see it coming the first time you listen to one of the more aggressive songs (see Taking Off!), but once you hear it, you’ll keep waiting for a jazzy interlude within the hypermasculine angst.

PS: GrandMofTarkin off of Worldwide for a rock and roll saxophone star wars theme!

Written by Emma Harris